Uncle Wagon Records

A local independent record label and booking agency located in eastern Pennsylvania.



As a small independent label, UWR represents a group of musicians from the PA, NJ, & NY tri-state area. UWR artists lean towards originality and variety in rock, jazz, blues, reggae, and alternative music, performed by anywhere from one person and up, as duo's, trio's, and groups of 4 and even more. <h/2>


General inquiries: info@unclewagonrecords.com


Dutchman: (610) 737-1807


Roman: (610) 306-9204

Dutch's Basement Blues Band * a.k.a DBBB, D3B

CATEGORY: Blues, Swing


DESCRIPTION: A harmonica/guitar driven danceable 4-piece band. Swing blues, popular rock, and originals make them appealing to all audiences.

Led by the charismatic gravel-voiced Dutchman


WEBSITE: dutchmanmusic.com.

Roman and The Heard

CATEGORY: Classic Rock


DESCRIPTION: The 3 or 4-piece Heard prides themselves on being fun with the crowd, playing originals, covers, and unique arrangements of popular favorites. Often starting with jazzy instrumentals and ending with hard driving rock.


WEBSITE: romanmusic.net


Stepping Stone Stepping Stone

Rock Me Baby Rock Me Baby

Barry Mon Native I&I



DESCRIPTION: Producer “Barry-mon” Sanchez Green grew up in the Caribbean Islands playing and recording in his native styles of reggae and local island folk songs. The charismatic Barrymon pulls people onto the dance floor with his Native I&I, blending authentic reggae and island grooves with American rock and R&B, guaranteeing an evening of action and fun.


WEBSITE: FB - Native I&I


I Miss My Mother   I Miss My Mother

Dutch and Roman Duo



DESCRIPTION: Harmonic, guitar, and and some microphones. Low volume suitable for smaller, quieter spaces. Less gear, less noise, less overhead, but plenty of entertainment.


WEBSITE: facebook.com/dutchandroman


VIDEO: Sachmo


WLVR 91.3 FM Aj Fritz interview - Radio Interview

Glue Factory

CATEGORY: Alternative Rock


DESCRIPTION: Five established musicians with impressive resume's from multiple genres perform melodic, guitar driven rock originals as well as covers. Heavy on harmony, Foo Fighters and REM vibe


WEBSITE: facebook.com/gluefactory.music


Born With Out You Born Wiith Out You

Gossamer Live Demo  Gossamar Live Demo

In Plain Site  In Plain Site

Roman Alone

CATEGORY: Solo Instrumental


DESCRIPTION: Roman provides background instrumentals of jazz, blues, and favorites with just a guitar and amp, no vocals. Perfect for quiet dining, cocktail parties, or small private functions.


WEBSITE: romanmusic.net


Kozic Kozic

House Of The Rising Sun

House Of The Rising Sun


DESCRIPTION: Touring the US, UK, and Europe literally burning and smashing guitars since 1996, it's Hendrix meets The Sex Pistols, performing all originals except for a few almost unrecognizable covers. And there's some bad language in there too, believe it or not.

WEBSITE: thefux.org


I'm on T.V. Im_On_TV

  • Bear Claw
  • The FUX Band
    The FUX Band
    Bear Claw - Roman - Tim Timid
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  • The FUX BAND
    The FUX BAND
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